A few days ago, I was hungry. Really hungry. I put my work down, walk over to the kitchen, and looked in the pantry. Avocados, tomatoes, rice, and a package of pasta that had been sitting there unopened for a few months. We have a winner. I take a pot, fill it with water, plop it on the stove and wait for it to boil. There is a touch of excitement; it’s been months since I’ve had any spaghetti, and well, there’s something extremely satisfying about fighting those noodles into my mouth. I add a pinch of salt, tear open the package, and dump the whole thing into the pot. Looking at the nutrition facts, I see a “Servings Per Container 8”. That’ll last me maybe two meals. My appetite tends to vastly outscale my physical size. After the noodles are swimming freely around the boiling pool, I put a serving on my plate and dump some heated premade pasta sauce on top (as any proper member of the millennial generation would) and make my way to the couch. It disappears seemingly instantly, so I grab another serving. And another. And yet another. By the time I’m done, there is no pasta left. All 8 servings had made their way into my now slightly bulging stomach. Instead of satisfaction though, the only emotion I encountered at this point was dread. I knew what was coming next. An outbreak proportional in size to the immense meal I had just consumed.

I would spend the next few days scouring the medicine cabinet and racking my brain looking for any effective means to exterminate the large papules that covered my face. It’s mostly receded at this point; my face seems clear except for some scabs that resulted from the angry scratching I had hoped would somehow tear away the acne. Somehow I never seem to learn. My diet and lifestyle directly affects my acne, and after years of painful experience and sifting through Google searchs, I have a pretty good sense of what I need to do and what I need to avoid to prevent the condition from flaring up. I am hoping that by blogging about it regularly will help keep me accountable and prevent those nasty buggers in check, while perhaps also providing some useful tips and accounts for the rest of you out there.

Obviously as this is the first post and I have yet to really experiment with a format or figure out what will work, I want to give you guys an idea of the types of posts that I intend to write:

  • Accounts and reflections, similar to this one, focusing on the cause and effect, and sometimes just the social discomfort that comes with it
  • Lifestyle tips and perhaps more importantly, things to avoid
  • Acne-free recipes and eating habits

I am really looking forward to working on this, and to meeting the rest of you out there who share this frustrating journey! :)